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Almas Virani


Almas Virani

Almas Virani is a celebrated Coach, Author and Changemaker. She has coached over 40,000 people across the globe over the last 2 decades. She gave her first speech at 11 and is now a Public Speaking Coach trusted by top – ranked Business Tycoons, CEO’s, VIP’s, Corporates and Influencers. As a Podcast Host and Consultant, she helps people take their voices out in the world. She is the most sought after Keynote speaker in the Gender Diversity domain. Her book Changemakers, featuring 11 Women changemakers was supported by Bollywood stars like Taapsee Pannu, Javed Akhtar and Nandita Das. She is  a Sufi at heart, an ardent nature lover a power-packed personality with very high positive energy.


Public Speaking Coach

Trained by World Speaking Champions, Almas helps you move from ‘Information Download’ to ‘Engagement Upload. Almas is a trusted coach and conducts Group and Personal Coaching programs under the Umbrella of Ninja Speakers Program.

Podcast Consultant

Almas is a Podcast Host and runs a show called ‘Beyond Cliche’ around gender stereotypes. Almas is a Podcast Coach and Consultant and the Founder of Ninja Podcasters. From online courses to one to one consultant to post production and distribution services, she and her team delivers everything to help you launch scale and grow your podcast.

Author & Changemaker

Almas is a Changemaker with She Creates Change, a flagship program from Change.org. She has 3 petitions online and one of them is a victory. She is the author of the book Changemakers, featuring stories of 11 Women Changemakers.

Leadership Development

With a successful career in Leadership Development, Almas has led several Regional and National L & D Roles. She has trained and coached across industries and demographics for more than 35 Corporate clients like Reserve Bank of India, L & T, J P Morgan, Vodafone, Morgan Stanley, Eurokids, Swiggy and many more.

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Changemakers is collection of stories of 11 Women Changemakers from the ‘She Creates Change Program’ from Change.org. These women started petitions on Change.org, stirred a citizens’ movement and turned it into a powerful development. Each story encapsulates the life journeys of these powerful women and the making of a Changemaker beautifully with incidents, real facts and emotions.
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The book was launched on the 19th Oct 2021 at the Crossword Bookstores in Mumbai amidst Celebrities. RJ Rohini, Chef Ranveer Brar, Javed Akhtar, Nandita Das, Kanika Dhillon, a special video message from Tapsee Pannu and Associates from Change.org and media.

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